Top Ten Strange And Interesting Cases

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Top Ten Strange And Interesting Cases:

On most days here at Falls Road Veterinary Hospital we see typical cases for dogs and cats. Routine exams, Vaccines, Ear infections, Skin issues, Vomiting and Diarrhea, Dentals, Spay and Neuter Surgery are the most routine cases seen on a daily basis.

Every once in a while we are called to action on a case that is somewhat strange and interesting! Here is a top ten list of some those cases:

#10 – Westie ate a diamond ring! The ring was left on a nite stand before it went missing. X-rays confirmed ingestion of the ring. Pet passed the ring without any medical intervention. 1 year old female.

# 9 – Pomeranian presented with cough, abscess on neck just below the jaw, and thread hanging from mouth. Owner thinks the pet ate a threaded needle from her sewing kit. X-rays confirmed threaded needle had gone down the throat and punctured its way into the neck. Upon examination of the abscess on the neck the needle was located right under the skin and safely removed. Patient made a full recovery. 2 year old male.

#8 – Labrador Retriever presented with a large laceration located in the right armpit. The owner was inside the home cleaning a window that looked out over the back yard. The Lab located outside in the yard was so excited to see Mom at the window he jumped up on the window which then broke! Both Mom and the offending Lab received sutures to close the lacerations received. Both Mom and patient made a full recovery! 2 year old male.

#7 – Broken Terra Cotta Pots! In the past year we have seen 3 patients that have received severe lacerations that required reconstructive surgery to repair multiple tendons. On all 3 occasions the dogs knocked over the Terra Cotta Pots while playing and then stepped down onto the broken shards. All 3 cases are either fully recovered or in the healing process. 2 Female German Short Haired Pointers, 1 Female Golden Retriever.

#6 – Maine Coon Cat suffered broken pelvis and leg during the 2011 earthquake! This cat was laying on his owners bed at the time the earthquake hit. He either fell off the bed due to shaking of the quake or became spooked and fell off the bed. The injuries sustained required surgical repair. The patient is recovered but has been left with a fused knee joint on the broken leg. 8 years old.

#5 – Standard Poodle ate over 10 hair scrunchies. Patient presented with lethargy, vomiting, and not eating or drinking. A barium contrast study was performed. The X-rays reveled a large Foreign body located in the stomach. Surgery was performed to removed the foreign body and the hair scrunchies were discovered. The patient made a full recovery. 8 month old female.

#4 – Corgi presented after eating a container of Gorilla Glue. He was caught in the act by the owner. Due the fact that he ingested such a large amount of the glue and that this glue expands with heat the dog was taken to surgery. During the surgical procedure a grapefruit sized ball of glue was removed from the patients stomach. The patient made a full recovery. 1 year old male.

#3 – Mastiff ate an entire cooked Turkey! The day after Thanksgiving the patient presented with lethargy, and vomiting. The owner explained that the patient had taken the cooked Turkey right off the kitchen counter and had eaten the entire thing stuffing and all! X-rays reveled a large volume of bones in the stomach and intestinal tract. The patient was taken to surgery and all of the Turkey bones were removed. He made a full recovery. 3 year old male.

#2 – Black Labrador ate owners metal money clip that contained over $1,000 in cash. Owner brought patient in to confirm the money clip was eaten. X-rays reveled the money clip in the intestinal tract. Over a period of 24 hours the clip and the torn up money was passed. All items were return to the owner. The patient made a full recovery. 2 year old male.

#1 – Golden Retriever ate decorative plastic grapes off of the kitchen table!

This particular patient had 3 previous exploratory surgeries to remove Foreign bodies. This dog is what we call a repeat offender. In this case of the ingested plastic grape the patient was taken surgery and they were removed. The patient made a full recovery. 8 year old male.

Please monitor your pets and try to keep them safe! Feel free to contact us a Falls Road Veterinary Hospital with any questions or concerns. (301) 983-8400.


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