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Snake Bite Risks To Dogs!

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Do you know much about your dog’s risk of getting a snake bite? We generally think of poisonous snakes in the jungles of Africa or South America, but poisonous are common in North America, especially in the southeast and southwest United States. Although the northeast has less poisonous snakes to deal with in the area they are still here and a concern for pet owners. Coral snakes have short fangs and tend to “chew” venom into the wound.  Vipers have longer fangs that they use to inject venom deeply into the underlying tissues.  In general, poisonous snakes can be identified…

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Snake Bite Safety And Prevention For Your Pet

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Snake Bite Safety And Prevention For Your Pet  If you frequently hike or otherwise enjoy the great outdoors with your pet, please take care to prevent painful encounters with snakes. Bites occur most often in between March and October when snakes are most active. A snake bite is always considered an emergency! A venomous snake bite can be fatal if not treated immediately, and even a bite from a nonvenomous snake can be dangerous for your pets. Avoid chance encounters with snakes: Keep your yard tidy by clearing away undergrowth, toys and tools that make great hiding places for snakes. Keep walkways…

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