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Leptospirosis Vaccine for Dogs

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection most commonly found in dogs. The bacteria that causes the infection is found in soil and water, though it is most prevalent in areas with warm climates and high average rainfall. Though humans can contract leptospirosis, dog-to-human transmission is rare. The Leptospira interrogans bacteria usually is spread to dogs when their mucous membranes or open wounds come into contact with infected urine or urine-contaminated water, soil, or other items. The bacteria can be transmitted through bite wounds, reproductive secretions, or consumption of infected tissues or carcasses. The most common carriers of Leptospira interrogans are raccoons,…

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Preventing Canine Heartworm Disease

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Many of us are already aware that mosquitoes have the potential to spread diseases in humans. West Nile Virus has received significant attention, and mosquitoes may also carry Eastern Equine Encephalitis. Fortunately, none of these conditions affect dogs very often. Still, dogs are not completely immune to mosquito-borne disease. Heartworm, a very serious condition, is of foremost concern. What is Heartworm? Heartworm disease is as scary as it sounds. It is a severe and potentially fatal disease caused by parasitic worms that like to live in the heart and the arteries of the lungs of many types of mammals. Heartworms…

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Lilly’s Rehabilitation

Our friend, Dr. Karen R. Pearson, DVM at Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital and Luxury Pet Resort has a beautiful pup named Lilly. Lilly was a graduation present from her parents, aunt, and uncle from veterinary school. Lilly is now almost 13, and starting to show signs of old age. Dr. Pearson says Lilly has taught her a lot about being a veterinarian and even more about being a pet owner. Dr. Pearson has been diligent about doing annual blood tests, exams, and recommended vaccinations, but Lilly is starting to get very weak in her legs. She can’t get up the stairs as easily and first thing in the…

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