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Heat Advisory for your Pets

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This Maryland summer heat is no joke! Between the longer days, increasing humidity, and rise in temperature, we need to take caution when going outside. And this goes double for our pets. They are also affected by sunburns, heat stroke, and foot burns. Heat stroke is especially dangerous for dogs and cats, and it starts with heat exhaustion. Heat exhaustion symptoms can include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, rapid panting, and reddened face and ears. If you see your pet showing these signs, take them to a shaded area or inside immediately. Give them some cool water and put them near a…

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Hot Weather & Summer Time Tips For Your Pet

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Hot Weather & Summer Time Tips For Your Pets   We all love spending the long, sunny days of summer outdoors with our furry companions, but being overeager in hot weather can spell danger! Even the healthiest pets can suffer from dehydration, heat stroke and sunburn if overexposed to the heat, and heat stroke can be fatal if not treated promptly. Take these simple precautions to help prevent your pet from overheating. And if you suspect your pet is suffering from heat stroke, get help from your veterinarian immediately. Visit the Vet A visit to the veterinarian for a spring…

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