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The Danger of Chocolate To Pets

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For a human, a few too many Easter eggs can be seen as a bit indulgent and lead to an afternoon on the sofa in a self-inflicted chocolate coma. But for a dog it can be potentially life-threatening and, in the most extreme cases, result in death. Dog owners are warned to be on high alert this Easter and ensure the chocolate is hidden away to ensure dogs are not harmed as a result of chocolate poisoning. With more instances of discarded Easter Eggs or half-eaten Crème Eggs lying around at Easter than at other times of the year, it…

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Tips For New Puppy Owners

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Tips For New Puppy Owners: There is nothing quite like bringing your new puppy home for the first time. But before taking the big leap, take the time to make sure your household is ready. That means puppy proofing your home. You will need to purchase supplies ahead of time and read up on puppy behavior so you know what to expect. Furthermore, it is hugely important to prepare children for the new responsibilities that lie ahead and to teach them to handle your new puppy correctly. Here are a few tips to help integrate your new pet into the…

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