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The Danger of Chocolate To Pets

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For a human, a few too many Easter eggs can be seen as a bit indulgent and lead to an afternoon on the sofa in a self-inflicted chocolate coma. But for a dog it can be potentially life-threatening and, in the most extreme cases, result in death. Dog owners are warned to be on high alert this Easter and ensure the chocolate is hidden away to ensure dogs are not harmed as a result of chocolate poisoning. With more instances of discarded Easter Eggs or half-eaten Crème Eggs lying around at Easter than at other times of the year, it…

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Halloween Tips For A Safe Holiday With Your Pets

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Halloween Tips For A Safe Holiday With Your Pets: Halloween is a fun time of the year, and it’s natural to want to try to involve your family pet in all the activity. It’s important to keep in mind that not all Halloween activities are fun or safe for pets. A few simple precautions can keep your celebrations fun for everyone in the familyincluding your pets. ID Your Pet Constantly opening and closing doors to hand out candyto trick-or-treaters is a risk. A stressed pet could easily bolt through an open door. For that reason, make sure your pet is wearing his or her…

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