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Why Pets Are Good For Your Health – Mind & Body!

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Pets are Good Medicine for the Body and Mind Dog and cat owners have long known that a family pet can make life happier. Now, medical science is finding that pet owners also lead longer, healthier lives. A growing body of published scientific research shows that having an animal companion, cats and dogs in particular, improves both our emotional and physical well-being. These studies have connected pet ownership with favorable health effects ranging from lower blood pressure to reduced anxiety levels. Good for the body! Some studies show that owning a pet can have very real physical benefits for their…

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Choosing A New Pet – Written By. Dr. Patricia Ainsworth

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Choosing a New Pet – By Dr. Patricia Ainsworth              Regardless whether you are a current, previous or first-time pet owner, a little advance planning can make the entire experience more rewarding.  Since Falls Road Veterinary Hospital sees only dogs and cats, I’ll confine my discussion to these species.  I love to get calls from prospective pet owners before the decision is made.  I’d rather set the record straight in advance than deal with “buyer’s remorse” if the choice is ill-conceived.              One of the most important considerations in pet selection is your own resources of time, space and money. …

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Raising a Puppy

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Who can fathom the mind of a puppy? Squirrels drive them crazy, garbage is their favorite snack, and immediately after chewing your one-of-a-kind, handmade leather jacket into confetti, they can give you a look of such innocent love and adoration that you forget all about it. This kind of behavior can baffle and frustrate even the most conscientious of dog owners, and rightfully so. When you bring a puppy home, she becomes part of your family; you need to be able to trust her with your home, your belongings, and even your children. That’s why controlling your puppy’s behavior is…

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