Swimming Pool Safety Tips For Your Pet!

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Swimming Dog? Year-Round Swimming Pool Safety Tips

A lap or two around the pool is not only a great way for your dog to cool down, but is also great for burning off that excess energy. However, just like we teach our kids to swim, we may have to give our favorite pooch a lesson or two. In the winter, there are other safety measures that we must take to ensure our pup’s safety. Here’s a few swimming pool safety tips that will keep your dog healthy and happy all year long:

1. Don’t assume that your dog can swim.

Yes, it’s true, many breeds of dog take to the pool like ducks to water, but generally speaking, they often just know the basic “doggie paddle”. This will get them where they’re going, but it will be hard for them to sustain. Instead, teach your dog early on to use his hind legs too. Just jump right in with him and support his weight until he’s using both his front and back legs to move himself along. He’ll be a swimming dog in no time!

2. Teach your dog to use the stairs.

Not only will this keep your pool guests from being splashed, but it may save his life. Even fantastic swimmers can drown, if they are repeatedly, unsuccessfully trying to get out of the pool from the side.

3. Keep the water in the pool.

Not only should your pooch never be allowed to drink the pool’s water, but he needs to be rinsed off as soon as he gets out. The chlorine will dry out your pup’s coat, possibly causing skin problems.

4. Never leave your dog unattended by the pool.

Hidden dangers are present in the most unsuspecting places. Winter swimming pool covers, for instance, can be deadly. Your dog will find himself disoriented when he gets wrapped up in it and he will likely not be able to escape the frigid water on his own.

Teaching your dog to swim, use the stairs to get in and out of the water, rinsing him off and never leaving him unattended are important tips for the owner of any swimming dog.

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