Why Your Pet Needs Routine Dental Care

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Dental health is an important part of your pet’s overall health. Just like humans, pets require regular dental checkups, preventative care, and routine teeth cleaning. With neglect, pets can suffer from plaque buildup, gum disease, cavities, and even loss of teeth. The veterinarians at Falls Road Veterinary Hospital believe preventing disease is just as important as keeping a healthy diet and exercise regime for your pets.

How to Know When Your Pet Needs a Dental Cleaning

Your pet’s mouth is home to a swarm of bacteria, and when left unchecked, they can multiply and grow into dangerous diseases. These impact not only your pet’s mouth, but can carry over to other vital organs that keep your pet healthy. Periodontal disease the most common condition occurring in adult dogs and cats. Some symptoms include:

      • bad breath
      • broken or loose teeth
      • extra teeth or retained baby teeth
      • reduced appetite or refusal to eat
      • bleeding from the mouth
      • swelling around areas of the mouth
      • discolored teeth

Most dogs and cats will develop this disease by the age of 3; the good news is that it is completely preventable. With regular dental cleanings, periodontal disease can be avoided and resolved.

Benefits of Dental Cleaning

A professional dental cleaning removes visible plaque and tartar on the teeth, as well as bacteria under the gums. This eliminates potential sources of infection to the mouth and other organs. Regular dental cleanings can also:

      • Help with bad breath
      • Relieve pain from chewing
      • Decrease the amount of drool
      • Remove visible plaque and tartar
      • Keep your pet’s teeth healthy and strong throughout their lifetime

Getting your pet’s teeth examined on a regular basis, at least annually, can also help your veterinarian catch any other dental diseases your pet may be developing. Early detection, prevention, and treatment of dental disease helps prevent expensive and stressful procedures down the road, such as oral surgery and tooth extraction.

Prevent Dental Disease

The good news is dental disease is completely preventable. We recommend brushing your pet’s teeth at home, feeding them a healthy diet, and bringing your pet to Falls Road Veterinary Hospital at least once a year for a dental check-up.

In honor of Pet Dental Health Month, the team at Falls Road Veterinary Hospital invites you to get your pet a dental checkup. We provide a 20% discount on all dental related products and services for the entire month of February. Contact us today to make an appointment!

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    Hi Allison, massive article for pets dental care

  2. It’s great that this article explains how improper dental care can lead to problems with other vital organs, not just your pet’s mouth. Since this is the case, it would probably be important to start regular dental cleaning as soon as possible. This could help you keep your dog’s teeth healthy and allow your pet’s dentist to notice any issues early on so that they can be treated before it spreads and causes problems for their overall health.

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