Kennel Technicians

Dog & Cat Boarding in Potomac, MD

Our Kennel Technicians are focused solely on succeeding in making each visit for your pet a happy, non-stressful experience. Their years of animal care have created a bottomless “bag of tricks” to help each pet adjust quickly and easily to their stay here and look forward with happy faces and wagging tails to the next visit. Professional complete baths are performed daily, as are multiple walks in our fenced in back yard. We offer playtime for fun with the owner’s permission. Medications and food are given as directed by the doctor or the pet’s owner and every pet’s health and daily routine is watched closely. Our kennel technicians work hand in hand with our veterinary technicians and doctors to closely monitor your pets well-being the entire time your pet is in our care.

Harmony - cat boarding bethesda md


Has 3 dogs, 2 Great Danes (Diesel and Kane) and a Miniature Dachshund (Ginger). She also has a cat named Max and 2 horses (Lewie and Skipper).  Good thing she lives on a farm.  In addition to horseback riding and competing, she would like to win the lottery and retire.


Was born in Washington, D.C., but has lived in Maryland her whole life. She has Peruvian, Mexican, Italian and Japanese lineage.  She has a little Chihuahua mix named Nemo, and a Pomeranian mix named Dory.  when not working, she enjoys spending time with her son and husband.


Was born in Florida but has lived in Maryland most of her life.  She recently said good-bye to her beloved 15 year old Shepherd-Mix named Nemo.  When not working she enjoys hiking and taking care of animals.