Lilly’s Rehabilitation

dog health - rehabilitation for LillyOur friend, Dr. Karen R. Pearson, DVM at Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital and Luxury Pet Resort has a beautiful pup named Lilly. Lilly was a graduation present from her parents, aunt, and uncle from veterinary school. Lilly is now almost 13, and starting to show signs of old age. Dr. Pearson says Lilly has taught her a lot about being a veterinarian and even more about being a pet owner. Dr. Pearson has been diligent about doing annual blood tests, exams, and recommended vaccinations, but Lilly is starting to get very weak in her legs. She can’t get up the stairs as easily and first thing in the morning, she is almost unable to get up the stairs at all.

This year, Dr. Karen R. Pearon has been lucky enough to complete the majority of my training in becoming certified in Canine Rehabilitation. Through this education and new degree, she has really learned how much more she can do for our older patients who suffer from arthritis and stiffness.

To help show you the benefits, we are going to have you follow Dr. Pearson and Lilly on their journey to help Lilly regain the strength in her hind legs to keep her limber.


First, we started by doing measurements. We measured all the angles of her joints in her hind end. We use the same instrument the human Physical Therapists use called a goniometer. Luckily, for Lilly, her joints are actually pretty flexible. However, when we began measuring her thigh girth, we quickly realized she does not have much muscle in her hind end.

senior pet care md

Dr. Pearson took a video of her trying to get up which you can see is very hard for her.

Dr. Pearson developed a plan for her to help build muscle in her thighs. I am starting her on a twice weekly regimen of Laser therapy to help warm her joints before she starts her exercise in the water tread mill.

Okay Lilly, we are starting your New Year’s Resolution. Get in Shape Girl!

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