5 Tips for Keeping Pets Safe This Halloween

5 Tips for Keeping Pets Safe This Halloween - Falls Road Vet

The weather is getting colder, the leaves are starting to change, and it is looking a whole lot like everyone’s favorite spooky time of year – Halloween.

While Halloween is a fun holiday for humans, it can be a frightening, stressful time for your pets. All the costumes, doorbells ringing, and decorations can pose dangers to your furry friends. To keep everyone safe this Halloween, here are 5 tips for protecting your pets:


Avoid Costumes

You may think it is so adorable to see your cat or dog in that little costume you found at the store, but dressing up a pet that is not already used to the practice can cause a lot of undue stress. Most pets do not enjoy wearing any sort of clothing, and forcing that butterfly antennae headband or ladybug costume onto your cat could lead to a fast-beating heart, shedding, and panting, which are all natural stress responses in pets.

If your pet is already comfortable wearing sweaters and booties during the rest of the year, by all means, dress her up. But just watch for signs of stress if you choose to get a costume.


Keep Candy Out of Reach

Treats are one of the best parts of Halloween – for humans. But sugar, chocolate, and baked goods can make your cat or dog sick. Be sure to not leave plates of cookies and cupcakes out in the open where your pet can get them. And when the kids come home from trick or treating, keep all their candy in an enclosed container in a cabinet. Keeping it out of sight might help decrease the amount of candy you eat, too!


Avoid Runaways

Lots of ringing doorbells and open doors for trick or treating can be dangerous for pets who dart. And, if you have got a dog or cat that is easily scared by the sound of a knock on the door, the constant activity of Halloween could lead to a great deal of stress.

Keep your pets contained inside your house during Halloween parties or trick or treating time so they do not accidentally escape. Make sure they have food, water, toys or comfort items, litter boxes and are in a safe, familiar room in your house. Check in on them as frequently as possible. And, if you usually leave your dog tied up outside, bring him indoors on Halloween. Even if he hangs out in your backyard, there is so much noise and commotion this night that it is best to keep him inside.


Keep Corn & Pumpkins Outside

While small amounts of corn and pumpkin are fine, even healthy, for most pets, uncooked or potentially moldy corn or pumpkins from Halloween displays can be harmful. Keep carved pumpkins outdoors and out of reach of any dogs you may keep outside. If you have a display with corn, keep it high up and secured to your porch post or other fixture.


Watch the Decorations

Part of the fun of Halloween is putting up spooky decorations. But all the flowing fabrics, power cords, and loose pieces can create a hazard for your pets.

Hang decorations high off the ground if your pet is prone to attacking new items. Keep power cords hidden and secured so your dog or cat does not get tempted to chew on them. And, if you are going to decorate with candle lit pumpkins, keep them outdoors or in heavily supervised spaces.


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At Falls Road Veterinary Hospital, we want you and your pets to have a safe and spooky Halloween! Follow these 5 tips to protect your pets during the holiday.

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