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What Table Foods Can My Dog Eat? What Can’t My Dog Eat?

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Does your dog beg for a taste of your food whenever you sit down for a meal? It may be hard to resist those big, beautiful puppy eyes, but before you share with your furry friend, there are some things you should know.  Not all human food is safe for your dog. It is important to know the difference between safe and unsafe foods to prevent potentially fatal consequences.   Check out our guide below: Protein Most meat products are fine to give your dog, especially lean options such as chicken and turkey. Beef is also a great option for protein,…

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Pet Food: Feed on a Schedule or Leave it Out All Day?

You have spent the time researching the best food for your pet, but how often should you feed him? Do you leave the food out all day so he can eat whenever he wants? Or maybe you should create a schedule with specific feed times? Free-feeding versus scheduled feeding is one of the most polarizing arguments among pet owners, with many claiming that their way is the only “right way.” With so many opposing thoughts on the subject, how do you know which is correct? Much like feeding a human child, there is not just one right way to feed…

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