Canned Cat Food Vs. Dry Cat Food? By Dr. Bidget Fagan

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Canned Cat Food Vs. Dry Cat Food 
Most people would be surprised to hear that canned food is actually 
better for your cat than dry kibble. There are three main reasons 
for this: 
1. Canned food usually has higher quality proteins. Dry kibble is 
usually high in plant based protein versus canned food which is 
usually high in animal based protein. Cats are obligate carnivores 
which means they were made by nature to eat a meat based diet. They 
lack certain enzymes required to efficiently process plant based 
proteins. Proteins from animal sources contain a complete amino acid 
profile required by carnivores. Proteins from plant sources do not 
and cats, unlike dogs and humans, are unable to make the missing amino 
acids. Also, dry food is cooked at high temperatures for long period 
of times which decreases the quality of the proteins. 
2. Most dry kibble contains higher levels of carbohydrates than 
canned foods. High levels of carbohydrates cause problems with a 
cats blood sugar and insulin balance. These imbalances contribute 
to obesity, diabetes, cystitis, and many other common health problems. 
In nature, a cat's diet is approximately 3-5% carbohydrate which is 
what most canned foods are. Most dry foods are approximately 35-50% 
3. Canned food contains much more water than dry food. Cats 
inherently have a low thirst drive and therefore benefit from 
getting water with their food. All urinary tracts are healthier 
with more water. Sterile cystitis, bladder stones, urinary tract 
infections, urinary obstruction (blocked male cat), etc. are very 
common conditions in our feline friend that would improve/resolve 
by taking in more moisture on a consistant basis.
If you have any questions about your cat or dogs diet, please see your local Vet!

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