5 Tips for Creating a Positive Boarding Experience for Your Pet

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If you plan to board your pet while on vacation, it is important that you prepare your pet for his or her time away in order to create a positive boarding experience. Boarding can be stressful on even the most relaxed pets, but following these 5 tips will help your pet – and you – have a better time apart:

Book Early

If you are going to board your pet, it is best to reserve your spot early, otherwise you may run the risk of the resort being full. Call or book your reservation at least 3 weeks in advance to assure your pet will have the kennel and amenities they need.

Vaccinations & Health

Before you drop off your pet, make sure that he is up-to-date on all vaccinations. Many boarding facilities will not allow boarders that are not current on shots. This will help your pet stay as healthy as possible when exposed to other unfamiliar animals.

If your pet is currently on any medications, be sure to inform your boarding staff as soon as possible. They will need know any medical information about your pet so they can provide the best care. And if there is an emergency, the boarding staff can give all of your pet’s medical history to the veterinarian.

Plan Activities for Your Pet

Many resorts offer fun-filled activities for your pet while boarded. For example, our sister location at Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital & Luxury Pet Resort offers their canine guests the chance to play in their Doggie Day Camp, go on leisurely walks, exercise sessions, swim time, group play, and more! Even feline guests and other pocket pets have the opportunity for play time.

Giving your pet fun activities to participate in will help them relax and enjoy their time at the resort, relieving any anxiety and tensions they may have initially.

Your Arrival

Overall, you want to keep a positive attitude when introducing your pet to the boarding staff and facility. Animals are very perceptive and will pick up any uneasiness you feel, so it is important to stay positive and friendly so your pet feels comfortable with staying there. Give you and your pet some time to interact with the staff so they feel comfortable with them when it is time for you to leave. It is also important to let the boarding staff know what your pet’s likes and dislikes are, and any other behavioral information.

Checking Up on Your Pet

You can always call the resort and check up on your pet while you are away. The resort understands that you miss and worry about your pet and wants to make sure you have peace of mind.


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If you have any questions regarding your pet’s health and safety when it comes time to board them, the veterinarians at Falls Road Veterinary Hospital will gladly help. Contact us today to get caught up on your pet’s vaccinations or click here to check out Greenbriar’s Luxury Pet Resort.

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