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6 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe in Hot Weather

Summer weather is here! As you take certain precautions to keep yourself healthy and comfortable during the hot season, do not forget about your furry friend! Even on days that don’t seem that hot to you, your pet could be at risk for heat stroke. Take these precautions this summer to keep Fido healthy and safe: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! So important, it bears repeating! The most important thing you can do for your pet is to have unlimited access to water, everywhere you go. Invest in a water bottle with attached dog bowl to make it easier.  You can also…

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How to Recognize the Signs of Heart Disease in Pets

Whether in humans or pets, heart disease is a very serious condition. The sooner you can catch the symptoms, the better chance you have to come up with an effective treatment plan to bring your pet well into its golden years. Because your cat or dog can not tell you when something is wrong, it is extremely important for pet owners to educate themselves on the signs of heart disease. These symptoms vary slightly between dogs and cats, so be sure to look out for these species-specific signs of heart disease: Signs of Heart Disease in Cats Heart disease in…

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