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5 Tips for Keeping Pets Safe This Halloween

The weather is getting colder, the leaves are starting to change, and it is looking a whole lot like everyone’s favorite spooky time of year – Halloween. While Halloween is a fun holiday for humans, it can be a frightening, stressful time for your pets. All the costumes, doorbells ringing, and decorations can pose dangers to your furry friends. To keep everyone safe this Halloween, here are 5 tips for protecting your pets:   Avoid Costumes You may think it is so adorable to see your cat or dog in that little costume you found at the store, but dressing…

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Is Pet Insurance Worth the Money?

Public opinion over insurance is always in a state of flux, isn’t it? On one hand, some people find it ridiculous to pay thousands of dollars on a premium that could help cover an accident that may never even happen. On the other hand, other people realize that accidents can and do happen, and they would rather have all of their bases covered than not be able to afford help when they need it. While a majority of our society seems to be on the same page with insurance for our homes, our cars, and ourselves, almost nobody can agree…

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