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Falls Road Veterinary Hospital New Mobile App

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Download our New Falls Road Veterinary Hospital Mobile App and send us a picture for a chance to win a Custom Canvas Print!  

The Truth …… Can Giving My Dog Ice Water Cause Bloat?

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Written by Dr. Karen Pearson, DVM Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital & Luxury Pet Resort Can giving my dog ice water cause bloat? Simple answer… no. Longer answer….Gastric dilatation-volvulus(GDV) or bloat is a result of the dog swallowing too much air, fluid or both and the stomach “twists”.  It is not caused by a spasming of the stomach as the article would suggest. The stomach would actually have to twist to cause the bloat and not allow air to escape from the stomach. It is much more likely the dog gulped water down too quickly and with the big gulps, swallowed a lot of air…

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